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Wikileaks Taking Another Dump

And it’ll be the biggest dump ever. (Wired)

Given our widely divergent views on Julian Assange, I figured it was worth noting that his organization is planning another document dump in the near future. Of particular note is the organization’s recognition of U.S. complaints that their release of information had harmed U.S. citizens. They are reviewing all the material carefully to ensure that such isn’t the case. Make of that what you will.


What is it about nine years?

Tomorrow the country will be observing the nine year anniversary of the September 11th attacks and in the nine years since the attacks occurred, I can’t remember a greater level of intolerance and fear directed towards Muslims.

Why? Is it just the Cordoba House? Is it the economy? Have we just grown so tired of the wars “against Muslims”? It seems as though every time Muslims try to open a Mosque or some sort of Islamic center, there is strong local opposition (see: Midland Beach, Staten Island). Do you this happening as often in the past? Or is it all the media?

What is it about the ninth anniversary?