Letterman’s Top 10 3/6/09

Friday’s Top Ten list was “Top Ten Signs You’re On A Bad Spring Break” (“Late Show,” CBS, 3/6).

10) “Day 6 of vacation and your US Air flight still hasn’t left the Hudson.”
9) “The ‘meal plan’ is anything that washes ashore.”
8 ) “Instead of a mint, maid leaves note on your pillow which reads, ‘Run!’”
7) “Hotel room overlooks the strip — the Gaza Strip.”
6) “The beach is famous for its beautiful white sand and deadly stingray attacks.”
5) “Couldn’t get beer, so everyone gets intoxicated sucking on a Pontiac tailpipe.”
4) “Several things in your room are marked ‘evidence.’”
3) “A perfectly good week at beach is ruined by giant fire-breathing lizards.”
2) “Only person you’ve seen naked is the maintenance guy Eduardo.”
1) “Your girlfriend finally puts out, just not with you.”

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