Letterman’s Top 10 3/5/09

Last night’s Top Ten list, read by ten players from the U.S. WBC team via satellite, was “Top Ten Reasons To Watch the World Baseball Classic” (“Late Show,” CBS, 3/5).

10) Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins: “Due to the economic crisis, we all have to share the same pair of pants.”
9) Tigers CF Curtis Granderson: “Japan has one of them crazy robot shortstops.”
8 ) Red Sox 2B Dustin Pedroia: “Because it’s an international event, our right fielder is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”
7) Braves 3B Chipper Jones: “The winning team plays Neptune in the Galactic Baseball Classic.”
6) Astros P Roy Oswalt: “It’s fascinating seeing how players from other countries scratch themselves.”
5) Nationals 1B Adam Dunn: “You’ll be part of a cherished baseball tradition dating all the way back to 2006.”
4) Brewers LF Ryan Braun: “Because of the metric system, the games will be 6.83 innings.”
3) Red Sox 1B Kevin Youkilis: “Before each game, you get to sit through 30 different national anthems.”
2) Mets 3B David Wright: “Australia’s secret weapon: a fastball-throwin’ kangaroo.”
1) Yankees SS Derek Jeter: “What else are you going to watch, hockey?”

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