Random Things Brewing… and No, Not Like That, You Smelly Boys

Hi loves,

I’m addicted to Newser because I find it provides myriad news topics that I wouldn’t normally see if I weren’t browsing the NYT (although the Times is my BFF). Thus, I thought I’d provide you with a link to this article to get your thoughts on it. In brief, the article is related to a German auto supplier whose request for government bailout money was recently denied due to the company’s usage of slave labor & “Auschwitz cloth” during WWII. Now, I understand the German government’s staunch opposition to condoning anything Holocaust related these days (trust me, six months basically full time at the Museum would convert ANYONE – no pun intended), but my question is this: should a company that DOESN’T allow these human rights violations now be penalized for practices done almost 70 years ago – practices that, when put in context, were inevitable to ensure the company’s survival? Certainly, it goes without saying that neither presently nor retroactively do I endorse human rights violations. However… think of the culture of terror that revolved around the Reich. The presumably hundreds – if not thousands – of Catholic/Gentile employees of that company would’ve been killed if they objected to Hitler & Eichmann’s practices. Essentially, could you blame them for allowing the usage of Auschwitz hair in their factories? Plenty of enterprises throughout Hitler’s occupied Europe used the goods that came from the camps. This was, in retrospect, some sort of a survival tactic. Should the current Schaeffler directors & employees be deprived of necessary governmental assistance because of something that was essentially required decades ago to ensure the survival of their employer?

(Sorry. Y’all know I ❤ Holocaust history. Also, the hair is, hands down, the scariest thing I saw at the Auschwitz exhibit – there’s ONE red braid laying on top of the rest – so my apologies for going on about this. But please comment… I always wonder if my perspective on this is whack.)

Second, I’ve noticed an astonishingly stupid trend among DC drivers in the last few months. As I basically drive around the District for a living, I can’t help but yell at dumb GW hoez & broz for their total failure to drive correctly: failure to wait their turn at 4-way stop signs, failure to lay off the fucking horn, failure to acknowledge you when you do them a favor in traffic. (Sorry for my GW jab – but does anyone really care about those dbags anyway??) However, I think the dumbest trend I’ve observed young drivers following is their tendency to wear their iPod earbuds while driving. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THIS IS ABSURD??! Not only are these fucktards oblivious to my right of way at any particular moment, but they’re also oblivious to a conscientious driver like myself honking at them to warn them of an accident because they’ve got Ben Kweller / Gwen Stefani / Dave Matthews blasting in their ears. WTF?! Does anyone else find this as irresponsible as I do?

Okay, I’m done. Time for beddy bye. Gnite lovers. -Double Agent.


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