Letterman’s Top 10 3/4/09

Last night’s Top Ten list, read by the members of U2 in-studio, was “Top Ten Things U2 Has Learned Over The Years” (“Late Show,” CBS, 3/4).

10) “A lot of people think I’m the guy who sang with Cher.”
9) “I suck at ‘Guitar Hero.’”
8 ) “Dumb people send us videos all the time. They think we’re YouTube.”
7) “Even my family asks, ‘Are you Adam or Larry?’”
6) “There’s always quite a stir at Applebee’s when they call, ‘U2 — party of four.’”
5) “Cool name: The edge. Uncool name: The itch.”
4) “Melted cheese tastes good on practically everything.”
3) “Sometimes when we shout, ‘Are you ready to rock?!’ I don’t care if you’re ready to rock.”
2) “It’s never too soon to start working on a phony Irish accent.”
1) “Up close, you can totally see Letterman’s hairpiece.”

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