Shaolin’s Finest: Salvatore Ballarino, Member of Staten Island’s Community Education Council

Care of the Advance:

Several people have asked him to stop.

But as of today, Salvatore Ballarino was still forwarding e-mails of jokes that make him chuckle — and that, at times, make others feel very uncomfortable.

“I just sent six or seven out today,” he said. “If I get an e-mail and I think it’s funny, I’m going to send it out.”

Many people are questioning Ballarino’s judgment after the member of the all-volunteer Community Education Council District 31 forwarded an e-mail that has put Staten Island’s African American community into a fury.

What are the jokes you ask? Well, see one of the cartoons after the jump.

And there’s more:

After each of the four jokes — with punch lines that compare African American babies with excrement — Obama is shown with a straight face.

“It wasn’t what was said in the e-mails, it was the expression on Obama’s face” that was funny, Ballarino said. “Let’s face it: Even now, he don’t have a clue what he’s doing. Every time this guy opens his mouth, the market goes down 230 points. So that was my whole point.”

Okay, two quick things: First, who is this guy to say anything about Barack Obama’s intelligence/qualifications- he is obviously himself so oblivious as to how his comments impede his ability to, well be a fucking community liaison if many of the people in the community are black/not-racist white:

Second, he clearly knows nothing about finance.


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