Letterman’s Top 10 2/20/09

David Letterman’s Friday night Top 10 list was:  Top Ten Signs Your Film Is Not Going To Win An Academy Award

10) It stars Brad Pitt…but not the famous one

9) To save money on sound effects, gunfights have actors running around yelling, “Kapow!”

8 ) World premiere was on a Greyhound bus from Reno to Topeka

7) It’s titled “The Curious Case of Benjamin Bernanke”

6) It’s got any of the following words in the title: “Paul,” “Blart,” “mall,” or “cop”

5) Half of $70 million budget was spent on craft service meatballs

4) No one wants to see your all-raccoon remake of “The Wizard of Oz”

3) It’s rated “P” for “Piece of crap” (In reality, there is no such rating)

2) Only person who made a profit from your film is Bernie Madoff

1) It’s two hours of Christian Bale swearing at the crew


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