Letterman’s Top 10 2/18/09

Last night’s Top Ten list was “Things Overheard At Kim Jong Il’s Campaign Headquarters” (“Late Show,” CBS, 2/19).

10) “How do we improve perfection?”
9) “Maybe it would help your likeability if you would stop killing people.”
8 ) “Remind voters there have been no Godzilla attacks on my watch.”
7) “After promising nuclear Armageddon, throw in a folksy, ‘You betcha.’”
6) “Remind people you come from Pyongyang just like Kim Jong-Lincoln.”
5) “Korean food again?”
4) “Maybe we should hire a new chairman and move Kim to 10pm.”
3) “‘Get a load of that bodacious booty!’ (Sorry, that was overheard at Kim Kardashian’s house).”
2) “With 0% of the precincts reporting, you’ve won in a landslide.”
1) “Hillary’s running against me?”

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