The election night embarrassment/saga continues…

Alie Kamara, the Staten Island teen-ager beaten up in a racially motivated Election Night attack in Stapleton, has been arrested for allegedly stealing a car.

The 17-year-old, who was beaten with a baseball bat on his way home after President Obama was elected Nov. 4, was busted near his home after reportedly pilfering a Nissan Altima, according to a law enforcement source. Kamara was spotted by police as the driver.

Police noticed the stolen car Monday night after it ran a red light at the intersection of Van Duzer and Beach Streets in Stapleton but when they tried pulling it over, it collided with a Hyundai Santa Fe and caused it to flip over.

Emergency workers tend to an accident scene Monday night where the stolen Altima caused another car to flip over.

Both vehicles then slammed into a Subaru Legacy traveling west on Beach. The car’s occupants, which allegedly included Kamara, took off.

What I think is so depressing about this whole incident- election night beating included- is that to the outside world, Staten Island is the place where the racist white kids found a black president to be so enraging that they went on an assault spree. Now, because of the victim’s misfeasance, Staten Island’s racists now have a convenient- if somewhat meaningless- justification for their tacit support for the assault artists. Nobody wins. What could have been a small lesson to Staten Island that perhaps we really are somewhat behind in the realm of tolerance and maturity has turned into a total wash. Our victim is, at least allegedly, a grand larcenist. No reason to worry about those people anymore. Or so the story goes.


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