Letterman’s Top 10 1/28/09

Last night’s Top Ten list was “Top Ten Things Overheard at the Meeting Between Barack Obama and the Republicans” (“Late Show,” CBS, 1/28).

10) “I miss the Clinton administration when we’d meet at Hooters.”
9) “Can we wrap this up?  I’ve got tickets to the 4:30 ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop.’”
8 ) “Smoke break!!”
7) “You fellas really need to take it easy on the Old Spice.”
6) “Mr. President: Don’t misunderestimate the Republicans.”
5) “Another smoke break!”
4) “What was the deal with Aretha Franklin’s hat?”
3) “About that tax the rich stuff — you were joking, right?”
2) “Sir, it’s refreshing to have a chief executive who speaks in complete sentences.”
1) “Senator Craig’s offering his stimulus package in the men’s room.”

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