End Zone Spirituality?

Perhaps because they are embracing the spirit of granting special privileges to individuals who do certain, otherwise prohibited things for religious reasons (see: Free-exercise clause), or perhaps because they are  just trying to avoid a backlash from the Christian Right (more likely), the NFL has declared that end zone dances during the Super Bowl that involve going down on one’s knees are prohibited. Unless, of course, you’re “praising the Lord”:

The whole issue is, you can’t go to the ground on your knees or with your hand or anything. There’s only one time that you’re going to be allowed to go on your knee after you score like this, and that’s when you want to praise the Lord. If you do that, then I’m going to allow that, because I do not want to be struck by lightning, I promise you that. We will allow that.

Stephen Dubner over at Freakonomics points out that this may be ripe for an attack from the American Humanist Association. Would they be right to combat it? Even if they would be “right”, would it be a strategically wise decision?


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