Letterman’s Top 10 1/16/09

Here is Friday Night’s Top 10 List:  Top Ten Signs Obama’s Getting Nervous

10) New slogan: “Yes we can… or maybe not, it’s hard to say”
9) In moment of confusion, requested a $300 billion bailout from the bailout industry
8 ) He’s up to not smoking three packs a day
7) Friends say he’s looking frail, shaky and…no, that’s McCain
6) He’s so stressed, doctors say he’s developing a Sanjay in his Gupta
5) Been walking around muttering, “What the hell have I gotten myself into?”
4) Offered Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, $100,000 to buy his old Senate seat back
3) Standing on White House roof screaming, “Save us, Superman!”
2) Sweating like Bill Clinton when Hillary comes home early
 1) He demanded a recount


One response to “Letterman’s Top 10 1/16/09

  1. Naaah! Obama’s a pretty cool customer. I’ve seen top 10 lists a helluva lot better than this! (The top 10 bush video moments, for example!)

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