Letterman’s Top 10 1/12/09

Last night’s Top 10 List was Top Ten Hits for Making it in Hollywood

10) Stay positive; develop your craft…ah, who am I kidding? Work hard sucking up to rich idiots who can help your career.

9) When someone sees one of my movies, I call them at home the next day to thank them

8 ) Four words: Pantene Moisture Renewal Shampoo

7) Don’t hassle the Hoff

6) Make a sex tape. Folks love to see famous people doin’ it

5) Here’s what I did; answered an ad in the newspaper for “movie stars”

4) Get yourself a sneezing monkey

3) Avoid taxes by declaring yourself a church

2) Don’t miss a chance to shamelessly promote your work — and go see the hilarious new film “Marley & Me,” now playing at a theater near you

1) Try to do something funny on Leno


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