What’s going through their minds? 1/8/09 (Meeting of the Presidents’ Edition)

Front Cover

From left to right what each president is either saying or thinking in the above picture:

George H.W. Bush:  Perhaps Barack, you can bring some dignity back to this office like me and Bill had.  I really don’t know what happened to that guy in between you and Bill…P.S.  I am sorry.

Barack Obama:  Umm…I don’t know what to say exactly…I mean I guess the moment I get inaugurated my presidency already has more credibility…

George W. Bush: Why isn’t anyone talking to me?  Daddy, don’t you love me anymore?  Oh well, I hope they have tacos at the luncheon…Tacos So Rule!

Bill Clinton:  Yeah, these guys can all kiss my ass.  Thats right kiss my big white New Yor…I mean Arkansas ass.  I am better looking and more successful than you all will ever be.  God, I got some good memories in this office.

Jimmy Carter: I am just surprised I got an invitation.


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