The issue has been reintroduced but Councilmember Lanza:

In a move that is certain to reignite old passions among Staten Islanders, State Senator Andrew J. Lanza is planning to introduce legislation to call again for his borough to secede from the rest of New York City.

Mr. Lanza, a Republican who represents about two-thirds of Staten Island, said in an interview on Wednesday that he was motivated to draft the bill because of residents of the island continued to feel unduly burdened by taxes and less-than-stellar city services. He said Staten Island residents have complained for years that they felt overlooked by the rest of the city, particularly on city services and mass transportation.

At first I had a strong negative reaction to the idea- why would we want to secede? But then I wonder why Lanza seems so insistent about the idea- it may just be a political ploy for publicity, but it may actually be a real issue. Anyway, any thoughts? As an aside, Kate and I were forced to do a little Island defending on the City Room comments since we were met with the usual hate and snobbery that NyTimes commentors display towards the Island (Kate and CBeltran are our userIds…surprising, I know). At the moment, I am agnostic on the issue- I just don’t know enough about the tax/city services situation to have an opinion, but welcome yours.


One response to “Secession?

  1. A cry for publicity, and a way to get attention from the adult children of Staten Island who constantly scream that we are “the forgotton borough”. I can’t believe a sensible man like former Senator Marchi could have thought the seccession scheme was viable, and I doubt Senator Lanza really does either. NYC will never let Staten Island go. Why in gods name would they kiss off the tax revenue from the most affluent borough?

    Some day we may have public servants on Staten Island who work together; regardless of party affiliation, to tackle the real problems here…ie, the worst public transit in NYC, the fastest rising crime rate in NYC, and of course, streets that are unsafe to navigate unless you are encased in a Hummer.

    Until Island leaders (and the voters who put them in office) stop believeing in pipe dreams like secession the Island will stay exactly the way it is. They hated the congestion pricing plan that would have brought tens of millions of dollars to improve our mass transit, and directly caused two out of our three council members to help shoot it down. (It would not have cost the precious Staten Island driver much at all, but what the heck, if you drive your car into the city what do you care about mass transit?)

    Staten Island voters get exactly what they want…isolation and poor services.

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