Letterman’s Top 10 12/17/08

Last night’s Top Ten list was “Top Ten Things Jim Carrey Will Always Say ‘Yes’ To.” Letterman: “There’s a new movie coming out for the holidays, Jim Carrey is the star, based on a book by a writer in London who decided he would just say ‘yes’ to everything. Too much negativity in the world.” Carrey then appeared via satellite in a bathtub to present the list. Letterman: “Is there a mix-up? Should we come back later? Why exactly are you in the tub there?” Carrey: “Multitasking. Very, very busy” (“Late Show,” CBS, 12/17).

10) “Dressing up like an Iraqi and throwing a shoe at President Bush.”
9) “Watching YouTube videos of guys getting hit in the nuts.”
8 ) “A fan asking for a hug — unless it’s a dude.”
7) “Fresh ground pepper.” Carrey then pulls out a pepper shaker and adds some pepper to his bath.
6) “David Letterman’s drunken requests to see me taking a bath.”
5) “People who ask me to say, ‘All-righty then!’ That never gets old.”
4) “Sex with a big, fat roadside waitress.”
3) “Lucrative endorsement deals: Remember, you’re not fully clean unless you’re Zestfully clean.” Carrey holds up a package of Zest soap.
2) “The question, ‘Aren’t you Jim Carrey, the funniest, sexiest, most talented man in all ofHollywood? And may I pleasure you?’”
1) “Tub time with Larry King.” The real Larry King, in shirt and tie, is shown in the tub with Carrey handing him a champagne glass.

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