Letterman’s Top 10 12/8/08

Last night’s Top Ten list entitled, “Top Ten Highlights of the Ball State Cardinals Football Season,” was read in studio by Ball State football coach Brady Hoke (“Late Show,” CBS, 12/8). Letterman graduated from Ball State (THE DAILY).

10) “Only team in college ball to use kangaroo as long snapper.”
9) “I coached the second half of the Toledo game wearing only a headset and my underpants.”
8 ) “When O.J. Simpson and some goon showed up and tried to steal our equipment.”
7) “Our players met athletes from around the world when Muncie hosted this year’s Summer Olympics.”
6) “Defeating the Detroit Lions.”
5) “The loss to Buffalo because it taught us humility and resiliency… I’m kidding, it totally blew.”
4) “The post-game locker room grabass.”
3) “Beat Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Southern Michigan, Southwestern Michigan and Mexican Michigan.”
2) “None of our players shot themselves in the leg.”
1) “The drunk 3 a.m. coaching tips from Letterman.”

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