Facial Hair…and how it is causing disarray in the Obama Cabinet.

Recent reports from CNN.com, Barack Obama is upset with his pick for Secretary of Commerce Bill Richardson.  It has nothing to do with his politics but rather….


Does Richardson look better with or without a beard?

The latest debate in Washington: Does Richardson look better with or without a beard?


This makes me bring up some of the better beards in Presidential history:

Martin Van Buren


Martin Van Buren, 8th President of the United States: Full grown sideburns, but no beard and mustache.  All in all my grade: A-
John Quincy Adams
John Quincy Adams, 6th President: Full mutton chops, but not as poignant as Van Buren’s. All in all my grade: B
Ulysses S. Grant
Ulysses Grant, 18th President: nice, neat tight beard.  One dignified enough for a general.  Too bad most military men are not allowed to have this type of facial hair anymore.  My grade: C+
Rutherford B. Hayes
Rutherford Hayes, 19th President of the United States: That beard probably started growing when he was old enough to grow facial hair.  Such a fashion statement that bums throughout America still sport this look to this very day.  My grade: A-
James A. Garfield
James Garfield, 20th President:  Look at me, I beat Hayes.  My best campaign stand was I had a better beard.  My grade: D
Chester Arthur, 21st President:  Look at the artwork as the mutton chops come down and neatly meet up with the mustache.  And the wingtip beard….priceless.  A+++
Grover Cleveland
Grover Cleveland, 22nd & 24th President: Porn Star mustache.  Always classy. B+
Benjamin Harrison
Benjamin Harrison, 23rd President.  Beat Cleveland, then lost to him.  Looks like Santa Claus a tad.  Nothing special.  My grade: C
Theodore Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt, 26th President:  He looks like a girlfriend’s scary father with the glasses and the clean stache.  I give it a B-.
William Howard Taft
William Taft, 27th President:  The handlebar obviously wins the straight mustache category.  Not only was he the largest president, and the only president to ever serve on the Supreme Court…he and his fellow justices actually participated in a barber shop quartet…William Taft & the Supremes, inspiration for Diana Ross.  A+
Taft was the last president to have facial hair.  However, if Bush didn’t steal 2000 we could of had…
al gore beard.jpg
And if Obama didn’t win possibly this…
And in our absence of Top 10 lists this week….
Facial hair…love it or hate it, its making riffs in our political system all throughout history.

One response to “Facial Hair…and how it is causing disarray in the Obama Cabinet.

  1. I think he looks better with the beard, too.

    Like President Elect Obama says, it really worked for him. And yes, it’s a sad fact of life that many a handsome beard gets razored into memory because the wife decrees so.

    Can’t blame them. If my wife grew a beard, I’d stop doing housework til she shaved it off.

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