Letterman’s Top 10 11/27/08

The Thanksgiving Day “Top Ten” list from Thursday was “Top Ten Signs You’re Watching A Bad Thanksgiving Day Parade” (“Late Show,” CBS, 11/27).

10)  “The Garfield balloon is anatomically correct.”
9)  “It was double booked with the Gay Pride Parade.”
8 )  “On every float — a sneezin’ monkey” (A clip of Sherman the Monkey from stupid pet tricks was shown with him sneezing).
7)  “City forgot to stop traffic on parade route.”
6)  “Hillary Clinton still hasn’t decided whether she’ll be the Grand Marshall.”
5)  “Parade comes to an abrupt halt when tuba player inhales a pigeon.”
4)  “Even Dora the Explorer couldn’t find a parking space. Hey, you gotta laugh or you’ll go crazy, right New Yorkers?”
3)  “Instead of shouting, ‘Ho Ho Ho!’ Santa has long, violent coughing fits caused by years of smoking.”
2)  “It takes place on June 14th.”
1)  “There’s a creepy guy who keeps asking you to inflate him.”

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