Finally, Ann Coulter Will Be Quiet


Ann Coulter may be completely silenced, at least for a while.

If the New York Post‘s Page Six report is true, Coulter broke her jaw and her mouth is wired shut.

Apparently it hurts a ton to have your jaw broken and so I’m not necessarily taking pleasure in the plain- just the intensely gratifying result of having Coulter’s mouth literally wired shut.


18 responses to “Finally, Ann Coulter Will Be Quiet

  1. I have no doubt Ms. Coulter will still be able to communicate even if it is through clenched teeth.

    Her lips and tongue will still be operating and, of course, her brain trust is always at fast forward.

    So I fear not.

  2. I’m sorry it was not me that did it.

  3. There’s more to this story and things not exactly as they seem. Yes – jaw broken, but different reason and intent

  4. Oh lawd 2009 is going to be too good. So many good things are happening it’s like the universe is paying back for the past 8 years.

  5. Hey darter22,
    Appears you have an anger issue with persons that dissagree with your point of view. You might want to seek out some professional help before you land yourself in trouble. Why is it that the “Free Speech” liberals are the first to squelch opposing views? I suggest you talk it over with your domestic partner before you reply.

  6. My thoughts and pravers go out to Ann Colter for a speedy recovery.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.

  7. I hope she enjoys her Thanksgiving Turkey strained through a straw.

    Of course, this will only mean she will have her mouth shut long enough to come out with another hate- and drivel-filled “book.”

  8. She and another tranny got into it over who got to the last hair weave first at the local dollar store.

  9. Maybe she’ll learn something, being forced to switch the balance she does of listening vs. speaking.

    But probably not.

  10. The hammer of karma is unyielding. The fact that we are in fact the one that wields the hammer is ironic. Truth tops fiction every time.

  11. It’s a shame so many take such joy in the misfortune of others. Ann C is no different from any person who has a myopic view of the world. Both sides have extremes who are either unable or unwilling to learn about other points of views. If we are unable to look at ALL sides of each question we lose the ability to gain good answers. And we are denying our children a chance to live the American Dream. Being a REAL American means being tolerant of other people’s views no matter how you feel about them. So rather then take joy in the pain of another why not shock her and send her a note wishing her a speedy recovery. don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk After all it’s going to talk ALL Americans to rebuild our nation, recover/create good jobs and give the coming generation an America they can be proud of.

  12. She already needs to eat a sandwich or two. With her jaw wired shut she’ll just be a head on a pillow.

    I suppose her head would be easy to kick like a big soccer ball.

    maybe her tounge will get a charlie horse.


  13. I wonder if she will see this as the sign –the 100′ NEON BILLBOARD — from GOD that it is?

  14. sarah, and others…perhaps God allowed this so that people would stop bashing her long enough to actually LISTEN to what she has said…

    And, slyfoxdude, you are so right….the ultra liberal “Freedom of Speech” promoters are the ones I always hear from who don’t want anything but their own opinion heard.

    I, too, wish Ms. Coulter a speedy recovery and blessed Thanksgiving. I am grateful for her willingness to step out and stand up for what is right. The day we make those people shutup is the day America as we know it ceases to exist.

    If you oppose her views, counter them with your own – but without the bashing that generally defines liberal speeches. Counter them with facts – and statistics that are real, not made up. Counter them and have a genuine debate – but, seriously, enough of the bashing someone simply because they speak the truth and you don’t like it. (I’m pretty sure the liberal side considers that “hate speech,” but I guess, there’s that pesky double-standard thing again…)

  15. slyfoxdude, I was about to agree with you until you made that thinly disguised homophobic jab.
    Ms. Coulter is no better than an internet troll. For Liberals to give her an emotional reaction is to give her pleasure. I wish everyone that hates her would just ignore her. Maybe she would just go away then.

  16. tonilyn18. Have you actually listened to what Jaw Jaw Minx has said in the past or do you just identify with her because she claims a conservative slant? Otherwise turn in your Bible because the abundance of her heart speaks nothing but hateful crap.

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  18. Cheer up. In October 2007, when Ms. Coulter’s remarked on a talk show that “we just want Jews to be perfected” nobody screamed for her head. This indicated to me that few people listen to her or take her seriously.

    People read her books ? People read “Dianetics”. People read the backs of cereal boxes.

    The down side is that even with a broken jaw, Ms. Coulter can still type. Maybe she can write comedic lines for Sarah Palin. (Although Palin seems to ad lib comedic lines brilliantly).

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