First Murph & Ditto?

As we Washingtonians* get pumped to welcome the Obamas to their new home, we’re (read: I’m) really excited to find out the details of the new life the First Family is building for itself… for example, interesting details include what kind of puppy Malia & Sasha are getting (YAY puppies!). Although this article seems to indicate that the AP is upset that the girls will have to get a hypoallergenic pup, I’m actually thrilled. Why? The answer is only three words long: Murphy and Ditto.



(Lhasa Apsos are hypoallergenic, which is part of the reason we got them.. aside from their awesomeness. I’m allergic to everything, including fugly dogs.)

So, even though I wouldn’t REALLY be willing to give up my dogs to Malia & Sasha, I’d totally entertain the idea of bringing them over to 1600 PA anytime they wanted to play with them. As long as they were appointed as Joint Secretaries of Cute and Cuddly Services.


One response to “First Murph & Ditto?

  1. polisciafterparty

    I believe if you want Murphy and Ditto signed up to work in the Obama administration you will have to fill out their questionnaire for them. The First puppy is a highly competitive position.

    -The Conzz

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