Letterman’s Top 10 11/17/08

Last night’s Top Ten list was “Top Ten Good Things About Being Named James Bond.” The list was read by a New York City substitute teacher named James Bond (“Late Show,” CBS, 11/17).

10) “I’ve made a fortune selling autographed crap on eBay.”
9) “I have amazing gadgets like a clock that’s also a radio.”
8 ) “Lots of admiring looks when they call my table at TGI Friday’s.”
7) “At the movie theater I get a free squirt of chemical butter.”
6) “Once I received a $5,000 residual check that should have gone to Pierce Brosnan.”
5) “Calling my boss ‘M’ instead of Mr. Glickstein.”
4) “When my brother says, ‘Bond, Fred Bond,’ he just sounds like a jerk.”
3) “Always gets a laugh when I order my Jamba Juice shaken, not stirred.”
2) “Halle Barry once accidentally slept with me.”
1) “President Bush keeps calling me about capturing Bin Laden.”

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