Idiots/Racists for McCain

I know I have a bad case of the posting diarrhea but I just discovered this and thought it worth a post:

Out of the Advance:

Residents of Staten Island’s ethnically-diverse Mariners Harbor community were shocked this morning to find swastikas spray-painted on sidewalks, the sides of buildings and cars, apparently out of anger over Barack Obama’s historic presidential victory.

At least three swastikas were left in black paint on sidewalks at the intersection of Sparton Avenue and Mersereau Avenue. Another was left on a stop sign and a community center.

On the rear of a commercial building on Wemple Street were the words “F— Oboma [sic]” and “Mcain [sic] al [sic] day.”

“We woke up this morning only for my daughter to discover the sign,” said Rotimi Oloye, 56, of Spartan Avenue, who had a pair of swastikas painted on the sidewalk in front of his home. “If you understand anything about history, you know it’s hateful. My daughter was terrified.”

It’s embarrassing. Not only are they racists- they can’t even spell the two names of the people they think about enough to violate the law for (awk sentence, too lazy to fix).


2 responses to “Idiots/Racists for McCain

  1. The misspellings that so often appear in these important political graffitto always give me a chuckle.

    Like the claims that Barack Obama was a “muslin”.

  2. polisciafterparty

    That’s why you don’t need to worry too much about them. The degree to which those guys are misinformed makes it basically impossible for them to do anything worse than tag walls. I mean, what, are they gonna run against Obama in 2012? If that trend extends to his own life, how can you print campaign gear for a schmuck who can’t even spell his own last name? 🙂 amy

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