Letterman’s Top 10 11/7/08

Friday night’s Top Ten list was “Top Ten Things George W. Bush Wants To Accomplish While Still In Office” (“Late Show,” CBS, 11/7).

10) “Finish those little projects he keeps putting off like fixing the economy.”
9) “Get Cheney a ‘goodbye’ defibrillator.”
8 ) “Challenge Lincoln’s ghost to rassle.”
7) “Host farewell mixer for the detainees at Gitmo.”
6) “Now that he’s got nothing to lose, nail a hefty intern.”
5) “Cement his legacy with a two month vacation.”
4) “Put Chuck Norris on the nickel.”
3) “See if Obama can take over sooner, like Tuesday.”
2) “Get Condi laid.”
1) “Hasn’t he done enough already?”

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