Letterman’s Top 10 11/6/08

Last night’s Top Ten list was “Top Ten New Revelations About Sarah Palin” (“Late Show,” CBS, 11/6).

10) “Thinks Fox News may still declare her and John McCain the winner.”
9) “At her wedding instead of, ‘I do,’ said, ‘You betcha!’”
8 ) “She and Governor Schwarzenegger once exchanged swimsuit-competition posing tips.”
7) “Prepared for campaign by watching ‘Legally Blonde 2.’”
6) “Thinks ‘NAFTA’ stands for ‘Need Another Fifty Thousand for Accessories.’”
5) “Begins every day by reading a passage from the hilarious ‘Late Show Fun Facts’ book available everywhere.”
4) “She’s a person of interest in five unsolved snow machine hit-and-runs.”
3) “Abused position as Governor to get free appetizers at Anchorage Applebee’s.”
2) “Already has a new job as Briefcase Babe #12 on ‘Deal Or No Deal.’”
1) “Her Secret Service code name was ‘Huh?’”

One response to “Letterman’s Top 10 11/6/08

  1. Goodbye, funny lady. I don’t know if your delusions of grandeur are making you think of running for national office in 2012, but I seriously doubt your party is going to make the same mistake twice.

    Although, I kind of hope they do !!

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