‘Change has come to America’
Obama to be first African-American president
Barack Obama has been elected the 44th President of the United States of America.  Also the first African-American President in our country’s history.

One response to “VICTORY!!!!!!!!

  1. I was worried all day, til I started monitoring the NYTimes. At some point, I refreshed the page and it said “OBAMA”. I sighed with relief.

    And what do the haters on SILive, everyone’s favorite Staten Island Message board say?

    15891. No we won’t
    give up our govt to a muslim extremist that failed out of flight school

    15890. All I can say is
    God help this country because the voters of this country have now destroyed it !! You got what you wished for now let’s see if you can handle it.

    48543. buy FUBU

    48543.1. and KFC

    Nice, huh?

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