The Morning After:

I took a bunch of pics on my phone and have a lot of video too of the Obama speech in Chicago last night. Once I load them onto my computer I’ll pic on or two and post them. Anyway, it was surreal there. I hope everyone else is sleeping. I have class. Lame.

Also, I am particularly proud that Obama won Indiana. I spent the whole day there yesterday (leaving Chicago at 4:30am) doing voter protection stuff and am glad that a dem carried it for the first time since LBJ.


One response to “The Morning After:

  1. I’m proud of Obama too. And proud of the American voter, for not only rejecting another round of McCain/Bush policies, but for rejecting the racism and attitudes that could have turned the outcome of this election into quite another story.

    Hate Report from SILive’s News Forum !!

    15929. Constitution, what constitution?
    by obamasuks, 11/5/08 9:50 ET
    that is what we will be saying in 4 years after this Tazmanian Devil gets done with us.
    1st Amendment will now say: Only blacks have the freedom of speech and choice.

    2nd: Only blacks and criminal have the rights to bear arms

    3rd. No quartering of soldiers during peace time will be unless they are black and looking to rob you.

    4th Unreasonable search and seizures: Now every black man in NYC can run around with a gun and aim to committ crimes and not get stopped by cops. Sorry NYC, crime is going to jump cause stop and search will be gone all together. The programs that work are out

    5th Indictments; Due process; Self-incrimination; Double jeopardy, and rules for Eminent Domain.Forget it, just kill kill kill the white man.

    I can go on, but those on here would just complain about racism and so on. You get my point.

    My comment….I can only wonder why anybody would complain of “racism” after reading the above.

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