Update on Advance Endorsement for NY 13th Congressional District.

The Staten Island Advance has officially endorsed Mike McMahon for Congress as of 10/30/08.



Accordingly former Assemblyman and Manhattan resident Bob Straniere has updated his campaign’s website taking off the Staten Island Advance.  However he has left this blurb on his endorsement page making it seem like the Advance has endorsed him:

“He’s smart, a tough campaigner, he’s got vast legislative experience (24 years in the state Assembly) and he knows the issues — for Staten Island and the nation — as well as anyone. And there is no question, either, about his commitment to this borough.” 
— Staten Island Advance


Mr. Straniere can try all he want to continue to grasp for straws in his campaign, because we all know Staten Islanders are very concerned about the opinon of Rep. John Mica of Florida as well.  Truth be told, the Advance has endorsed McMahon as well as surprisingly Barack Obama.  Tomorrow could very well be a very good day for Staten Island Democrats, possibly the best day in close to two decades.


One response to “Update on Advance Endorsement for NY 13th Congressional District.

  1. Never mind that !! Obama is President !!

    Happy election day, to all associated with polisciafterparty !!

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