Letterman’s Top 10 10/17/08

Last night’s “Top Ten” list was “Top Ten Messages Left On Joe The Plumber’s Answering Machine” (“Late Show,” CBS, 10/16).

10) “Hey, heard you mentioned in the debate. Now can you come over and get the hairball out of my drain?”
9) “Joe Six Pack calling. What are you trying to pull?”
8 ) “Sorry, wrong number. I was looking for Larry the Cable Guy.”
7) “Dude – did you get to meet Fannie Mae?”
6) “This is Sarah Palin. Do you consider yourself a maverick plumber?”
5) “You had a better night than Joe the Dodgers’ manager.”
4) “This is Bob Schieffer. Hijack one of my debates again and I’ll bust your kneecaps with a pipe wrench.”
3) “Joe, you gotta get a copy of this Late Show Fun Facts book – it’s hilarious!”
2) “It’s Brian from the Late Show, are you available tonight if McCain cancels?”
1) “It’s Madonna, are you seeing anybody?”

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