Joe the Plumber gets contract to an anonymous Senator’s 8 houses.

Things continue to look up for Joe Wurzelbacher aka Joe the Plumber.  

Reports have been coming in that a high level anonymous senator from a Western state has decided to exclusively provide a contract to fix the pipes and toilets at all 8 of the senator’s houses throughout America.  These locations include: three in the Phoenix, AZ area, two in the San Diego area, and at least one more in the Arlington, VA area among a few others throughout the country.

Wurzelbacher was unavailable for comment, but sources close to him said a motorcade came to the Toledo plumber’s house late Tuesday night and an elderly gentleman, a tall blonde lady, and a fairly attractive brunette wearing a sash from what appeared to be a beauty pageant all went inside for a quick meeting.  After 15 minutes, the respected parties parted ways and appeared content about what had transpired within Wurzelbacher’s house.

Top McCain officials denied that it was McCain, claiming he was in New York preparing for the debate and denied claims that he owned 8 houses…”John (McCain) was entrenched in preparing for the debate on Tuesday night.  There was no way that he came out of his hotel room after watching FOX News screaming warm up my plane we are heading to Toledo.  Also, who really owns 8 houses?  This isn’t a real concern to us.  We need to find ways to make Senator (Barack) Obama look bad…err, I mean keep Senator McCain’s campaign on course.”

Either way, it appears “Joe the Plumber” will have plenty of more work in the coming weeks now that he has to travel across the country to earn his exclusive, yet profitable contract.


One response to “Joe the Plumber gets contract to an anonymous Senator’s 8 houses.

  1. Anything for a vote, now politics is trying to give plumbers a bad name.

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