If you turn down Letterman….

In recent weeks, David Letterman has not become one of the biggest proponents of Barack Obama.  However, he has become very anti-McCain.  The reason for this is that John McCain was slated to be on the show in late September.  He canceled one hour before the show because he was ‘going back to Washington to deal with the financial crisis’.

It turns out that Senator McCain actually stayed in New York that evening.  He actually interviewed with CBS’s Katie Couric that same evening he was supposed to appear on Letterman.  Since then, Letterman has gone on the attack of the Arizona senator and his vice president, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.  He has been making jokes ranging from McCain’s age to Palin’s simpleton persona.  

My question is…Can David Letterman turn the tide of an election?  With this aggressive offensive attack on John McCain, the polls have actually gone in favor of Obama.  Could David Letterman stir the drink that puts Barack Obama in the White House?  If McCain cancels on Letteman, could he possibly cancel that abruptly on a person like oh lets say…Vladimir Putin?  Granted, McCain has rescheduled himself to appear on the Late Show so he can save face.  But putting aside Johnny Boy trying to save his image, can we trust him not to cancel that abruptly on someone of the likes of oh lets say….Vladimir Putin?  Letterman is doing a good job of sticking it to John McCain after his cancelation.  It is very possible that David Letterman could turn states like Virginia and North Carolina, strong Republican stalwart states, to the blue column come November.  Only time will tell.  We are 25 days away from the election.  Heres hoping he continues to echo the voice of change.


4 responses to “If you turn down Letterman….

  1. Just curious, does the wind constantly whistling through your ears ever give you a headache? If you think David Letterman has one iota of impact on this election, you need to have your empty head examined.

    Letterman is eaten-up with anger that he has never been as popular as the awful Jay Leno. Letterman has, in fact, lost viewers as a result of his inability to contain his juvenile jabs at McCain.

    Bravo! Count me among those who have stopped watching him—and I watched him from Day 1, but no more.

    But thanks for the laugh after reading your “thoughts” on the meaningless matter.

  2. polisciafterparty

    Actually you know what…I was wondering what that noise in in my head was. I actually like Leno more than Letterman. But even though I was just pointing out a fact with a little spin at the end…I just hope you enjoy November’s result.

    -The Conzz

  3. polisciafterparty

    For moment, I’ll ignore the unnecessary (and juvenile) insults of the first commenter.

    What I am curious about is the actual question that the Conzz originally posted. Now, he is likely more up to date on who exactly Letterman’s viewers are, but my guess would be that it’s a decent mix of what some would describe as red-staters and blue-staters. If this is the case (and the red-staters haven’t simply stopped watching like our rude original commenter indicated he had), then if anything, the fact that McCain really wasn’t that serious about saving the economy may mean something. To say nothing of standing-up Letterman, he did insist that he was so wrapped up in saving the economy (a system he doesn’t really understand) that he had to get to D.C. IMMEDIATELY….well, in a few hours…actually, let me get in my nap….etc. Anyway, I think there’s more to the issue than our esteemed “bolsonon” suggests.

    – Legal Eagle

  4. polisciafterparty

    since no one else wants to go to such lengths, I believe i shall…bolsonon, you are an idiot…

    Will David Letterman’s constant rants swing a devoted republican…no. Will they sway an impressionable undecided…maybe. Letterman has the power to reach out to people, to put a seed of thought into someone’s head, and if his broadcasts sway even one voter, I’m sure he would be happy with that.

    And maybe you should speak to some of the conservatives who are afraid that Tina Fey’s portrayal of Sarah Palin is hurting them. In an article in amny(granted, not the Times, but still a publication), they speak about it…”It’s just a skit,” said Aaron Jones, 42, of Williamsburg “I don’t see any harm in it. The McCain camp is trying to use it as a personal attack, but all candidates go through it. She should get used to it. When you run for office, it’s gloves off.”

    I agree with our esteemed Conzz…let’s wait for Novemeber to roll around and see who has wind whistling through their ears…


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