Letterman’s Top 10 10/8/08

Last night’s Top Ten list was “Top Ten Signs That The Campaign Is Getting Ugly” (“Late Show,” CBS, 10/8).

10. “Three times straight talk express has ‘accidentally’ knocked over Obama’s mailbox.”
9. “Next debate will be moderated by Jerry Springer.”
8. “McCain keeps referring to opponent as Senator Barack Hussein Obama bin Laden.”
7. “Sarah Palin says she can see Joe Biden’s hair plugs from her house.”
6. “Desperate attempt to connect Obama to the last eight years of Regis.”
5. “No number 5 — economy so bad, writer putting everything he owns up on eBay.”
4. “They have resorted to ‘Your vice president’s so dumb’ jokes.”
3. “Obama claimed McCain’s irresponsibility caused the 1929 stock market crash — he’s that old people!”
2. “Even Dick Cheney thinks they’re being cruel.”
1. “Obama’s gloves are off, McCain’s teeth are out.”

One response to “Letterman’s Top 10 10/8/08

  1. i hope letterman stays on mccain through the election. he is the dirtiest kind of politician, who along with his totally unqualified vp choice, has taken the low road in desparation. everthing about him in the last 3 weeks reads phony – he changes his position constantly, playing to the news cycles – anything to win. forget country first. it couldn’t be clearer that it’s mccain first, and he will do anything he thinks will win this election. whatever he was in the past has vanished, and there is litte left to even respect. he would be a disaster for the country, and if anything should happen to him and we were stuck with that unbelivably manipulative and arrogant woman, it would be even worse. that is the ultimate no hope for anyone scenario.

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