Letterman’s Top 10 10/7/08

Last night’s “Top Ten” list was “Top Ten Signs You’re Watching A Bad Presidential Debate” (“Late Show,” CBS, 10/7).

10)  “It’s a town hall debate, but the town is in a mountainous region of Pakistan.”
9)  “Tom Brokaw leaves early to catch the 9:15 showing of ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua.’”
8 )  “Topics fall into the categories ‘Domestic Policy,’ ‘Foreign Policy,’ and ‘Burt ReynoldsFilms of the ’70s.’”
7)  “Keep arguing about who has more friends on Facebook.”
6)  “Candidate says, ‘Why you hatin’?’ Other responds, ‘Why you buggin’?’”
5)  “It’s covered by CBS, NBC, ABC, and the Howard 100 News team.”
4)  “Candidates ignore questions and gossip about which Senate pages are sluts.”
3)  “The yodeling competition.”
2)  “Disproportionate amount of questions about ‘The Hills.’”
1) “It’s 90 minutes of folksy phrases and winking.”

One response to “Letterman’s Top 10 10/7/08

  1. I think that Mccain might have done a little better if he told Obama “Why you hatin’?” At least it would have been more interesting!

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