Letterman’s Top 10 10/6/08

Last night’s “Top Ten” list was “Top Ten Ways To Make The Financial Crisis More Fun”(“Late Show,” CBS, 10/6).

10)  “Take a page from President Bush and ignore it.”
9) “When Dow Jones drops more than 800 points, every American gets free mozzarella stix at Applebee’s.”
8 )  “Replace Lehman Brothers with the Wayans Brothers.”
7)  “File for bankruptcy three times and the fourth one is free!”
6)  “Invest half your portfolio in liquor, the other half in strippers.”
5)  “Goodbye repo men, hello repo monkeys.”
4)  “Don’t call it a ‘bailout’ or a ‘rescue,’ call it a ‘fun-nancial crisis.’”
3)  “Put it all on Ball State and give the 16 points.”
2)  “Enjoy blank stare when Katie Couric asks Sarah Palin what ‘FDIC’ stands for.”
1)  “Hire OJ and his goons to steal back your money.”

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