Bloomy Wants to Stay, Times Backs Effort

In today’s Times, the editorial board has put its support behind an effort by Bloomberg to run for a third term. In fact, they want to go further than Bloomberg’s effort does:

Mr. Bloomberg, who is expected to announce on Thursday that he will seek a third term if he can, likes the idea a lot.

We do, too. But we would go further and ask the Council to abolish term limits altogether — not to serve any individual’s political career but to serve the larger cause of democracy.

Any thoughts? I am all about Bloomberg for a third term but I am wary of the creation of power that this abolishment would create for subsequently bad mayors to be reelected repeatedly. Now, the obvious response is that if they are bad, they won’t get re-elected, that democracy will prevail. Enter Bush v. Kerry. An elitist argument, yes- but also one that remind us of the density of our esteemed majority.

Also, incumbents don’t seem to lose that often.


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