A New Permanent U.S. Military Presence…In Israel

The United States has permanently stationed troops in Israel, according to the New York Daily News:

The United States has stationed 120 American troops and an early-warning radar system in Israel – marking the first permanent U.S. military presence there.

Soldiers and technicians from the U.S. European Command flew to the Nevatim military base in the Negev Desert last Sunday, bringing with them advanced radar systems designed to help protect Israel against a potential ballistic missile attack from Iran, according to the weekly Defense News.

Perhaps now is not the time to rant about the extraordinarily high amounts of aid the United States provides for Israel.  This, however, is another example not only of the United States’ support for Israel, but, more significantly, of the United States continuing to extend its military presence worldwide.  For someone like me who believes that the ever-expanding number of American military bases throughout the world has at least something to do – if not a great deal to do – with the terrorism we are facing, this is truly a step in the wrong direction.  While I do not want to see Israel attacked by Iran, I do not believe that establishing a United States military base in Israel will help them avoid such an attack.


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