McCain Campaign Suspended

I want to share some of my thoughts on John McCain’s suspension of his campaign, as it is certainly an unusual move just five weeks before an election.

Surely this decision was partially, if not wholly, political.  McCain must believe that this move can result in a spike of his poll numbers.  He wants to portray his leadership abilities (his penchant for decisive action, I suppose), differentiate himself from Barack Obama, and show that he is concerned about the economy.  Perhaps all this is intuitive, but can there be another motive at work here?  Maybe McCain believes he needs more time to prepare for the debate.  He might fear he will be beaten Friday and now hopes to use the economy to delay the date (I cannot believe he thinks it might be fully canceled).

What about the non-political side of this?  Could this be the right thing to do?  I cannot disagree with Senator Obama when he says that a president must be able to deal with more than one major issue at once (a multi-tasking of sorts).  Further, how much can one Senator do to alleviate the financial crisis?  Will his presence and undivided attention make any kind of difference?  That is doubtful.  All this said, however, I am not able to fully condemn Senator McCain’s action in this case.  Maybe he’s doing the right thing.  Perhaps our candidates should know when to put politics on the back burner and actually work (first and foremost) for the good of the country.  And, quite possibly, I’ve been duped by Rick Davis.


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