An Honest Question:

Given the circumstances of the economy right now, I am truly curious about what McCain is referring to when he says that the fundamentals of the economy are strong. I understand that he has a stated ignorance of economic issues, but I want to know what it is that he would point to when asked what those fundamentals are. I think it could be an interesting debate- essentially, what statistics matter when assessing the health of the economy. Any guidance on this topic would be of great use.


2 responses to “An Honest Question:

  1. He isn’t actually making a statement based on statistics. He’s just saying what is most convenient for his campaign, because if the fundamentals of the Bush-McCain economy policy are truly to blame for this Black Monday, then he has a much larger problem to deal with than just being a chronic liar.

  2. polisciafterparty

    That’s what my fear was. Because in certain situations, two people could look at the same economy and see two different worlds based on what statistics they believe to be meaningful- and that’d spark an interesting policy debate.

    I also think that McCain’s stated ignorance of the economy means that he has to downplay the importance of economic mastery (or even competence).

    – Legal Eagle

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