best commentary on Palin so far. Watch the whole thing.

Also, I commend The View (never thought I’d say that) for being the first media outlet to use the word “lies” to McCain’s face when describing his ad campaign.


3 responses to “MATT DAMON WINS

  1. I salute the women of “The View” !!

    McCain’s campaign strategy is mainly based on criticizing and lying about Obama. Nice that the women of The View showed millions of viewers just how full of c**p John McCain is.

    The shame is that he wasn’t always this way, and he gave up his principles in exchange for a nomination.

  2. polisciafterparty

    I totally agree- it’s a shame on two counts.

    First, because he used to be a decent guy and had to give that up for the nomination.

    Second, because he can try and pretend that he is still a decent guy and run a campaign as if he is some independent “maverick”- which is laughable now.

    – Legal Eagle

  3. I think it would be funny if a trend or fad developed, where women followed McCain to his Town Hall meetings, and gave him the business “View Style”.

    It would likely either result in restrictions on who could attend, or an end to the McCain Town Hall’s. I always thought they were a sham, anyway, packed and stacked with McCain supporters.

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