The Breakthrough?

The rezoning of the St. George waterfront area has been approved, opening it up to high rise apartments and office buildings. 

The City Planning Commission voted unanimously this morning to approve an ambitious rezoning of St. George, which is expected to allow for the construction of residential high-rise towers in the area and the conversion of office space to apartments.

The special zoning district was crafted by the City Planning Department and covers a 12-block area located within a five- to 10-minute walk of the St. George Ferry.

In response to concerns from local civic leaders, the commission modified the proposal to include tower exclusion zones, require more parking and additional landscaping for residential buildings.

The matter moves to the City Council next month for a final vote.

I am not the expert on this topic among the bloggers of PSAP, but I figured I’d put this out there and perhaps we can get her opinion later. St. George has, on a number of occasions, been the “verge” of a boom-becoming sufficiently gentrified to make it into a middle/high class neighborhood on the waterfront much like Williamsburg in the BK- but has failed to cross the heretofore unknown threshold after which the development will be self-sustaining. The waterfront is there, the gorgeous architecture is there- even the public transportation is there. All it needs now is well-heeled residents to but out all of the minorities. This may be the impetus for that necessary influx. Good? Bad? I am undecided. I grew up there- but have always dreamed of it becoming safer, cleaner and generally more pleasant. Of course, this may entail the loss of some of the very aspects of the neighborhood I enjoyed growing up- basically, the number of different ethnic groups in the few blocks between Bay St./Richmond Terrace and Castleton Ave.


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