“Casting One’s Ballot Early” Sounds Like a Tacky Euphemism, no?

So, item 1: It is 7:46 AM as i begin to write this post. I have been at work for 45 minutes already and will be here (probably) for the next 11 hours. Bear with me (and give me something interesting to read in my down time!) – please.

Anyway, I thought this article featured today in the NYT/IHT, which focuses on the increasing trend of early voting allowed around the US, brought up some really interesting points not just about the changing schedules/budgets/strategies of both presidential campaigns, but also about the ever-increasing power the American electorate has in this election. The idea that a voter can use her trip to the polls as leverage in how a candidate woos her is really great, I think. Maybe we’ll see the Democrats finally fight to own the electoral college for once because they know they can’t afford to have anyone sway from Obama to McCain in the last minute.

On the other hand, I am terribly worried about the effect this staggered voting will have on the actual logistics of the election. We’re still haunted by the absurdity of debating hanging chads. Anyone else see that HBO movie Recount with Kevin Spacey? The Supreme Court’s unprecedented (and outrageous) ruling of Bush v. Gore could potentially reemerge in another form if we don’t watch this election – and the tally thereof – with incredible scrutiny.

Also, could it be argued that, in the same vein of Bush v. Gore, early voting violates the Equal Protection Act because citizens of some areas of the country are allowed rights that other parts of the American electorate are not (i.e. why can Ohio vote early but I can’t?)? I’m worried… what do you all think?

In other news, I was watching Keith Olbermann last night and was furious after realizing that, although vp-nominee sarah palin’-in-comparison-to-joe-biden is totally totally crazy and unqualified, and although i’m not convinced that Hillary supporters will leave Obama high and dry because Palin has an overworked –…nevermind, I’m nauseated by the stink that the GOP, a tried-and-true refuge for all things narrow-minded and prejudiced, has made/will make about the Obama camp being sexist any time they employ smear tactics to campaign for the white house.

The GOP can’t have it both ways: if slanderous remarks about the sarah palin are sexist and should be dismissed, then the Republicans’ shotty-at-best attempt to campaign for women voters by way of Palin’s hoo-hoo is a totally invalid approach to campaigning for the presidency.

Yo, I’m just tired of this shit, that’s all. Anyone else care?


One response to ““Casting One’s Ballot Early” Sounds Like a Tacky Euphemism, no?

  1. polisciafterparty

    yeah…i never have that problem…i always make it to election day, i never worry about casting earlier…



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