Letterman’s Top 10 from 9/8/08

Last night’s “Top Ten” list was “Top Ten Signs You’re Talking to a Fake Kim Jong-Il” CBS’ Letterman: “A Japanese expert on North Korea claims Kim Jong-Il has been dead for five years and a body double has been standing in” (“Late Show,” CBS, 9/8).

10)  “Doesn’t smile when you mention torturing dissidents.”
9)  “He’s 6’5”, 250 pounds.”
8)  “Introduces himself by saying, ‘Hi, I’m Gary — uh, crap, I mean Kim Jong-Il.
7) “He seems Kimmy and Jongy, but not quite Illy.”
6)  “Your wife recognizes him as the Kim Jong-Il look-alike who stripped at her bachelorette party.”
5)  “Keeps using the phrase, ‘Chillax, bro.’”
4)  “He pays for drinks — honestly, folks, when’s the last time that man picked up a check?”
3)  “Won’t shut up about the new ‘90210.’”
2)  “He’s only half insane.”
1)  “Keeps referring to himself as ‘just a hockey mom.’”

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