Letterman’s Top 10 from 9/5/08

Friday night’s “Top Ten” list was “Top Ten Ways to Make the U.S. Open More Exciting” (“Late Show with David Letterman,” CBS, 9/5).

10) “Ten ball boys, nine uniforms.”
9)  “Extra point awarded for nailing opponent in the Adam’s apple.”
8)  “Ball replaced with ready-to-hatch ostrich egg.”
7)  “Uh, cookies?”
6)  “Bring in some of them Olympic beach volleyball babes.”
5)  “Make Federer even more Federerer.”
4)  “Two words: electrified net.”
3)  “Players must begin match with blood alcohol levels of .10.”
2)  “Get Andy Dick to spice up the Gatorade.”
1)  “Even though she has no experience, put Sarah Palin in the finals.”

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