Peace at the Republican Convention

As this is my first post, I suppose I can finally call myself a blogger (everyone over 50 can start shaking in their boots now). In fact, I was even afraid of those “bloggers” until just the other day. But now, I am officially a part of the “blogosphere” (and still alive).

I could not help but notice the numerous “Peace” placards at last week’s Republican National Convention, along with those signs reading “McCain-Palin” and “We love Cindy!” How can a party that has brought our country through almost seven full years of war simply proclaim that they are the party of peace? I would certainly hope that our fellow citizens are not so ignorant as to be duped into believing that Republicans, all of a sudden, believe in peace. Considering my own former positions, however, I wish I was more hopeful. Perhaps, though, these last eight years have changed things.

Can there be a more complex meaning to this slogan of peace? I do think that John McCain, because of his experiences as a POW, believes in peace more than George Bush does. The slogan may also be expressing some hypothetical hope of a future peaceful world, but such a Republican peace would probably include an American military base in every foreign country. All this said, these alternative explanations do not hold muster for me, especially because the peace slogan was on display at the most partisan of celebrations.


One response to “Peace at the Republican Convention

  1. polisciafterparty

    Welcome Jew Platypus! I am glad to see you have arrived. As for the RNC- they are suddenly the party of peace because their war is unpopular. I don’t see it as much more than playing politics, unfortunately. Their party initiated, prolonged, and remains fighting for quote possibly the dumbest war in decades. They can only claim to be the party of peace by doing violence to the word ‘peace.’

    – Legal Eagle

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