Hat Tip to Fox News

I don’t think any of our readers would disagree that Fox News seldom merits praise. It follows, then, that in instances where we find Fox News doing something right, we should be sure to point it out. If not for fairness, then at least to piss them off. I can’t imagine praise from the notorious “liberal blogosphere” makes them very happy. Indeed, it is probably a signal that they’ve done something wrong. In any case, we have Fox to thank for these wise words:

Based on the crowd reaction to recent attacks from Barack Obama and Joe Biden about John McCain’s tax policy, the Republican nominee may have something to worry about. […]

The crowds roar with approval when Obama and Biden describe their plans for a middle class tax cut and boo loudly at statistics showing how McCain’s continuation of the Bush tax cuts favor the wealthy. Of course, these are partisan Obama crowds. But it would be unwise for anyone seriously backing McCain to dismiss their full-throated roars for Obama-Biden on an issue that historically has favored the GOP nominee. […]

Add to this the mounting evidence that McCain’s TV commercials assailing Obama’s tax policy contain serious distortions, if not out-right lies.

One response to “Hat Tip to Fox News

  1. Well, Fox occasionally gets some things right. I wouldn’t make too much of the Obama crowds cheering, because, as is pointed out above, it’s the choir, and of course they like the preaching.

    But having stuff like ” McCain’s TV commercials assailing Obama’s tax policy contain serious distortions, if not out-right lies”, coming right on the heels of the general analysis of the convention speeches that contained multiple distortions and lies, isn’t the type of publicity McCain needs right now. And coming from Fox, I think, means it’s going to get to lots of McCain fans.

    I think John McCain’s campaign is in trouble, and I think the Republicans know it. It seems that’s what’s fueling their strategy of mainly attacking with lies.

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