This post is not about the GOP veep candidate.

This post is about Forbes’s hiring staff even being so illogical as to hire/publish the author of their blog titled Trailwatch. I have a few points of contention.

1. WTF – Trailwatch? I feel like I should be doing one of the following:

  • Rubbing sticks together to cook tonight’s gamey squirrel I caught 100 miles outside the Willamette Valley, in order to ensure that injuns (no offense) / other caravans don’t steal my food
  • Buying a new tarp/pair of flannel lined overalls from their mail-order catalogue
  • Crawling around the Twin Cities MI:2/3/whatever-cause-tom-cruise-is-a-scientologist — ahem — style to see if :gasp: Minnesota really sucks as much as I thought it did before they made the brilliant choice of concentrating thousands of republicans into one town. (As an aside, does that mean the GOP is comprised of ‘community organizers’?? just a thought..)

2. This blog’s particular post on none other than the incestual procreation supporting, lipstick wearing, polar bear killing “pit bull” (see the “cute” joke from her speech the other night) is absurd. The author attempts to make a parallel between Governor I’d-rather-not-drop-the-P-bomb’s notable rise in the polls after her debut stint on television and this woman’s bad outfit:

They call it “Sporting the Full Palin.” Seriously? A woman wears an outdated suit dress, probably doesn’t see well, and didn’t realize she was making the news today and thus didn’t do her hair… and now she’s Sarah Palin’s double? COME ON, guy. Just because you have a thing for Governor Palin doesn’t mean it’s OK — or substantiated/logical — for you to go aroud photographing people in work clothes. Sorry Charlie.

Anyway, I’ve gotta check out on… Fall shopping, you know. Peace players. D.A.


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