Fear Mongerers

I refused to watch most of the RNC last night, but I was forced to catch a few minutes of it during the period before I had decided to play some MLB 2k6. In any case, it has only come to my attention now that just prior to McCain’s speech, the Republicans ran a video doing its best to return us to the fear and suffering we experienced seven years ago. It sought so strongly to score political points on that event, that Keith Olbermann was forced to apologize for even airing it. Suffice to say I am not pleased. Indeed, I find it to be a disgusting ploy to return to the politics that put W. back into the White House. It also highlights the Republicans’ fear that McCain’s utter ignorance on economic issues will impede his road to the Presidency. “If we remind them that people are trying to kill them” the argument probably goes, “they’ll forget that we were in power the last time those people killed, they’ll forget that every other issue we’ve shepherded has been a failure, and they may even neglect to realize that our Vice-President is so underqualified that we have to refer to her proximity to Russia in Alaska as foreign policy experience.”

You tried it four years ago and it succeeded, you scared the American people into your arms. No matter how graphic you get in your videos or how often you remind us that “we are under attack”, it won’t work again. You screwed up for eight years and now it is our turn. This time, I hope, the rest of the American people will join me in saying: “Go Fuck Yourself.”


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