Let’s Lay the Word “Maverick” to Rest

This is something that has been bothering me since the start of the general election cycle, but has become worse since I caught a glance at the RNC last night while at a diner with some fellow PSAP contributors: McCain is not a maverick. Not by a long shot. The word may have described him four years ago, but it is laughable to describe him as anything other than a party-line republican.

1) His voting record this year was 95% Bush. That is, when he showed up





2) His Vice-Presidential pick is a hard-line conservative whose beliefs on abortion, creationism, and drilling are, if not identical to the republican platform, then to the right of them.

3) In addition to his recent love of President Bush, he has flat-out changed his position on a number of issues to- you guessed it- score political points among the conservatives. He opposed Bush’s tax cut before he supported them (what’s more politically expedient than offering tax cuts?). He made a good faith effort to develop a coherent immigration policy before switching to the well-worn strategy of obsessing with security over efficacy. Finally, as one last demonstration of his total rejection of the “maverick” label, he has actively courted the “agent of intolerance” (McCain’s words, not mine), Jerry Falwell. Have you no shame John?

Now, the issue that bothers me is that the media still refers to McCain’s “maverick” image as if it describes him anymore. It is time to lay it to rest. It is time to laugh off the stage all of the RNC speakers who have the chutzpah to suggest that “the McCain-Palin ticket is the real ticket for change this year.” (Who was ruling during the past eight years and has endorsed this ticket for change? Oh right, he-who-we-want-to-change-from-while-still-accepting-his-endorsement). Finally, It is time to see if Beltway Bob (and others) still clings to the ridiculous idea that somehow, under some obscure definition of the word, John McCain is still a maverick.


2 responses to “Let’s Lay the Word “Maverick” to Rest

  1. Well, here’s your defense, courtesy of a top savant from SILive.

    Statement “McCain is not a maverick”. Answers…..

    12848.1.3. The case against Sarah
    Should she not serve as vice president because her daughter is pregnant?
    by retiredff1, 9/3/08 13:40 ET

    12848. Head of a State is more experience than sitting your arse in the Senate making deals.
    by retiredff1, 9/3/08 13:51 ET

    12848.1.3.3. The Obamaites want to hold a 20 year old DWI against Sarah’s husband.
    by retiredff1, 9/3/08 13:44 ET

    Well, there you have it. Sarah Palin is the new 9/11 !!

  2. And there’s more from SILive on McCain’s Senate absenteeism….

    12848.1.2.1. and the 100% voting of Obama
    voting everything Mayor Richard Daly tells him to do..Doesn’t sound like a reformer to me.Sounds more like a yes man to a corrupt Shit-car-go political machine.
    by retiredff1, 9/3/08 13:55 ET

    12848. Any dems voting on those bills too? You seem to want to dodge that
    by revolting, 9/3/08 14:04 ET

    12848. Worst president HAHAh
    You forgot about Carter. He was a real treat. By the way you did’nt have a problem with his evangelical religion than like you do Palin’s.
    by bud6, 9/3/08 14:12 ET

    12848. ha,ha,ha,ha,
    can’t take it I see….Most be the Sarah Palin thing that got you commies all upset.
    by retiredff1, 9/3/08 13:46 ET

    Confidential to cbeltran… you had your SILive thread ruined by two well known trolls, working in tandem to fill it up with annoying nonsense.

    There’s an email contact in my website. Want to talk about trolls? I know a lot about the ones on SILive.

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