I Like Using Colors to Get My Point Across. (Think the Color-Coded Terror Alert System, but Roy G Biv Style.)

I know we all love being snarky liberals, and I know we all love utilizing our hard-earned online researching skills from undergrad to prove our general argument about Obama’s serious upcoming pwnage of the white house. And I know I created this website and molested MS Paint to create the wonderful banner that we have (teeheehee); I know I logged on to post this wonderful op-ed from Thomas L. Friedman from yesterday’s NYT, and I know that I live in DC.

…but seriously, guys, can we try to englighten our blue readership about something OTHER than yellow journalism on red state problems for a little while? I mean, if complaining blogging about ideas that compel you to read past the Politics page of major media websites is just too much physical exertion, then I guess I’m going to have to read the paper myself, you lazy, good for nothing fucks. =)

I propose that, for a short period of time, we turn this entire blog on its head. That is, we spend a week or so trying to find articles vouching FOR McCain and Palin, AGAINST Obama, and FOR killing baby polar bears coated in endangered offshore oil. That’s right, I just wished “literary” death on cute balls of greasy fluff.

Or, we spend a week NOT talking about the presidential election or any tangential gossip surrounding the race. How cool would it be to be just as hilarious, but in a totally new context? I think it would really give us a chance to flex our intellectual muscles. That is, our brains, you sick bastards. :sigh:

There should be a wager involved in this challenge; otherwise, we know we’re all too lazy to stray from the familiar to make this really interesting (at least I speak for myself; I’m sleepy today). Any thoughts on a theme to follow? A prize? Rules?

Let the snarky games begin! Love, Double Agent.

PS – you’re all hoez.

PPS – who thinks i should be nicknamed deuce instead of double agent? HAHAH


One response to “I Like Using Colors to Get My Point Across. (Think the Color-Coded Terror Alert System, but Roy G Biv Style.)

  1. polisciafterparty

    I look to Beltway Bob to give the McCain side. Must be a tough job. In any case, I am going to keep on at it. I make efforts to be fair (notice the Palin post on unfair criticisms), but I largely rely upon others to provide the McCain view.

    Perhaps you can contribute?

    – Legal Eagle

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