Interesting Theory

…that I don’t believe yet: Sarah Palin is not the mother of her last child, she’s the grandmother. A blogger at the dailykos believes he has discovered that she pretended to “have” the child so she didn’t have to admit her 16 year old daughter had done the dirty. I am not convinced, but I think the timing is hard to ignore. Here is his theory. At some point this’ll be investigated and debunked/confirmed. I am leaning (almost hoping) towards debunked.

Who is Pregnant Here? Ha ha ha

Who is Pregnant Here? Ha ha ha

Edit: So out of curiosity, I’ve begun to explore this potentially shocking situation and I found this little tidbit depicting the birth of her last kid:

The governor’s water broke during the energy conference but she stayed and gave a 30-minute speech before boarding an Alaska Airlines plane home to deliver the baby.

Now, I am not a doctor, but that schedule seems a little off. I asked my mom (who, as a mother, has birthing experience), and she said that they have 24 hours after your water breaks to deliver the baby, but that the contractions will begin soon after the water breaks. The flight from Texas to Alaska is about seven hours. So her water broke, she stayed and spoke, she got on a plane and flew seven hours to Alaska to give birth to a child that never really “showed” on the mother. Again, I don’t buy it yet- but it seems like the more we look, the weirder things get.

Edit Pt. II:

“Aboard Alaska Airlines, the flight lasted for eight hours, with an additional landing in Seattle. The majority of commercial airlines require mothers seven months pregnant to provide a doctor’s letter to fly, but Sarah did not inform the airline of her condition. Alaska Airlines is one of the few airlines that do not require such a notice, despite the possibility of an emergency landings being required in such scenarios. That said, no one on board noticed that Sarah was going into labor:

“We leave the decision to fly up to our customers and their medical advisers,” according to Alaska Airlines representative Caroline Boren.

“Governor Palin was extremely pleasant to flight attendants and her stage of pregnancy was not apparent by observation as she didn’t show any signs of distress,” Boren said.”

Edit Pt. III:

So according to this website (admittedly sort of sketchy, I am looking for a more reliable source), the baby was born at Mat-Su Regional Medical Center in Alaska on 4/18/2008. When one looks at the list of babies born on that date on the hospital website, his name is conspicuously absent. Two things come to mind. First, that perhaps since the baby was a Down’s baby there is a reluctance to post the birth. Second, they may not post the Governor’s baby for obivous privacy reasons. Anyway, those two explanations are plausible, but viewed in context, I can’t help but be curious.


4 responses to “Interesting Theory


    Another Kos post, shining another light on this woman’s psyche: it is indeed possible that she would go to such absurd lengths.

    I say this with assurance granted me by her assertion (the subject of the post) that she would force her child to have a child *even if that fetus was the product of a brutal rape.*

  2. If (and this is a big if) she really was pregnant. I think she has now shown she definitely does not have the judement to be head of the pta yet alone VP or heaven forbid president. She already knew had downs syndrome (she’s using this to solidify her right to life creds), her water breaks and she waits does her speach flys 7 hours to go home. She is 44 years old – any pregnacy is considered a little risky at that age and yet alone one where the child is already in some trouble. She gets on a flight knowing she could deliver at any second which is very likely to create an emergency situation while in the air. So she’s shown little regard for herslef, her baby, or her fellow passengers. Considering the lack of judement and recless endangerment her actions shows she would be better off admitting to a cover up! And to nominate someone like this shows McCains last of management skills and judement.

  3. This is typical of liberals. They can’t find anything of substance so they concoct some story like this. It goes to show that the more they fear someone, the more absurd the story they concoct. People can’t accept that, for the most part, she is a genuine article and people out there are fearful of her being able to handle the job and possibly, become the first female president. I say to those of you who concoct this malarkey…get a life and leave the lives of others alone.

  4. polisciafterparty

    Yep, typical of the liberals. I am not at all afraid of Sarah Palin. I perhaps would have been afraid of maybe any other V.P. candidate, but not her. I take great pleasure in looking into what McCain has explained to me is an important issue- experience. I hadn’t thought it was particularly important until he made such a strong case for it, but I found his argument so compelling that I now judge all my candidates by that standard. So, using this standard, I am going to assess Mrs. Palin. I’ll go easy on her- I won’t even compare her to her VP competitor (whose experience is almost unmatched). Instead, I’ll compare her to the less experienced person on the dem ticket, Barack Obama.

    When he was over a year into his tenure as a national legislator, Mrs. Palin remained a Mayor of a town one half the size of the crowd she spoke before when she was announced. That is, she led a town of 8k people. I have 8k people in my neighborhood of Staten Island. So, while the “woefully inexperienced” Obama was confronting issues of national relevance, Palin was confronting….well, whatever it is that Mayor’s of 8k person town’s confront. Oh, but it doesn’t stop there! Then she assumed a much more edifying and important position! The Governor of a state slightly larger than Staten Island! Wow! I could go on. Suffice to say that “afraid” is that last word I’d use to describe my feelings towards Mrs. Palin. I find her selection to be a combination of “hilarious”, “pathetically transparent” and “not frightening.”

    Naturally, you’ll try to pin on me some characteristic of “liberals” that doesn’t apply to me particularly, but to to people who may share my views. Don’t. My views are mine, and mine only. Others may agree, but that agreement doesn’t define them (or me).

    – Legal Eagle

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